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Takoyaki Cooking Class

Takoyaki Cooking Class Preis: EUR 10.6 Takoyaki is the most symbolic food in Osaka. You can get skill of making Takoyaki and the teacher is local professional. You can eat many different taste of Takoyaki and learn it, so you also can make it after you go back your home.You can select many kinds of ingredients.Not only octopus, you can make your own customize for using such as shrimp, squid, corn, tuna, scallop and cheese etc.We also prepare many kinds of sauce,not only tipical one. Food entertainment class that you can enjoy from children to adults. With delicious Takoyaki recipe. Children not aged 12 years or under are free to accompany. Vegetarians can also enjoy it. Alle Angaben ohne Gewähr. Takoyaki Cooking Class

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