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Irazu Volcano- Botanic Garden Lankaster- Orosi Tour

Irazu Volcano- Botanic Garden Lankaster- Orosi Tour Preis: EUR 100.36 The Irazu Volcano counts with a height of 3234 meters above the sea level, making it the tallest of the zone.Subsequently, we will be descending to the city of Cartago. This province was the capital of Costa Rica up to 1823, and of course, is the location of the beautiful Virgin of the Angels Basilica, this is the place where many believers in Costa Rica go according to the religious custom.Our next stop will be the Lankester Garden, which is really important because this place shelters and protects more than 800 species of orchids and other plants, also, the U.C.R (University of Costa Rica) uses it as an investigation center.Subsequently, we will be moving to the splendid Orosi Valley, which contains plantations specially of sugar cane, coffee, among others. In the same way, we will have the opportunity to visit one of the few colonial churches that still stands. To conclude in the best way, we will enjoy of a tasty lunch in one of the best restaurants of the region. Alle Angaben ohne Gewähr. Anbieter - Irazu Volcano- Botanic Garden Lankaster- Orosi Tour

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